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Are your shoulders bothering you? Get you been told that you should get a shoulder arthroscopy? Dr Kunal Aneja is the best option if you’re looking for shoulder arthroscopy in Delhi. One of the top orthopaedic surgeons in Delhi, Dr Aneja, has unrivalled skill in shoulder arthroscopy. Dr Aneja and his staff ensure you receive the best care for your shoulder ailment through cutting-edge facilities, cutting-edge surgical methods, and a patient-centric approach.

In this blog, we will review all you need to know about shoulder arthroscopy in Delhi and explain why Dr Kunal Aneja is the ideal orthopaedic surgeon to handle your case.

What is Shoulder Arthroscopy?

Shoulder arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that allows your orthopaedic surgeon to see inside your shoulder joint using a tiny camera attached to an arthroscope. The camera sends images to a monitor, allowing your surgeon to diagnose and treat various shoulder conditions without opening surgery.

Shoulder arthroscopy treats various shoulder conditions, including rotator cuff tears, labral tears, shoulder impingement, shoulder instability, and frozen shoulder. The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia; most patients can go home the same day.

shoulder arthroscopy
shoulder arthroscopy

What are the Benefits of Shoulder Arthroscopy?

The advantages of shoulder arthroscopy over open surgery are numerous. Among these advantages are:

Small incisions are used during shoulder arthroscopy, a minimally invasive procedure, which lowers the risk of scarring and complications.

The more incredible speed of recovery: Because shoulder arthroscopy is a minimally invasive technique, patients frequently feel less pain and swelling and recover more quickly than open surgery.

High success rate: Shoulder arthroscopy is highly effective in treating various shoulder problems, and most patients report significant symptom relief.

Complications, including infection, bleeding, and nerve injury, are rare because shoulder arthroscopy is minimally invasive.

How to Find the Best Orthopedic Surgeon for Shoulder Arthroscopy in Delhi?

Finding the top orthopaedic surgeon in Delhi is crucial for a favourable outcome if you consider having a shoulder arthroscopy. Here are some pointers to assist you in locating the leading orthopaedic specialist in Delhi for shoulder arthroscopy:

  1. Examine Experience and Credentials: When investigating orthopaedic surgeons’ experience and credentials. Choose a board-certified surgeon with a strong background in shoulder arthroscopy surgery. You can also read patient evaluations and testimonies to evaluate the surgeon’s reputation and level of patient satisfaction.
  2. Request Referrals: Suggest a qualified orthopaedic surgeon to your primary care physician or other medical experts. Another option is asking friends, family members, or coworkers who have had good results from an orthopaedic surgeon.
  3. Do your research on the surgeon’s profession. Seek out a surgeon who works at a recognized orthopaedic hospital or clinic. Verify the hospital’s reputation, accreditation, and level of care.
  4. Consultation Appointments: After you have selected a small number of potential surgeons, make an appointment with each of them. During the consultation, inquire about their success rates, patient care philosophy, and expertise with shoulder arthroscopy. This will enable you to assess the surgeon’s suitability for your requirements and preferences.
  5. Examine Communication and Comfort Level: When selecting an orthopaedic physician, consider their communication and comfort levels. It would help if you had a physician who would take the time to hear about your worries, respond to your inquiries, and put you at ease.

Why Choose Dr Kunal Aneja for Shoulder Arthroscopy in Delhi?

One of Delhi’s top orthopaedic surgeons, Dr Kunal Aneja, has more than ten years of expertise doing shoulder arthroscopies. His approach is patient-centric, and his top priority is giving his patients the finest care and treatment possible. For your shoulder arthroscopy procedure in Delhi, you should consider the following reasons:

shoulder arthroscopy in delhi
shoulder arthroscopy in delhi
  1. Expertise in Shoulder Arthroscopy: Dr Aneja has conducted multiple surgeries with a high success rate and is a specialist in shoulder arthroscopy. He employs cutting-edge surgical methods to guarantee his patients the most outstanding results.
  2. Modern infrastructure: Dr Aneja’s clinic is outfitted with modern infrastructure, including the newest diagnostic and surgical tools, to guarantee that his patients receive the best care possible.
  3. Patient-centric Approach: Dr Aneja and his colleagues focus on the comfort and well-being of their patients by using a patient-centric approach. They offer individualized care and assistance by ensuring patients are informed and comfortable during therapy.
  4. Team with experience: Dr Aneja has a skilled group of orthopaedic surgeons and supports personnel collaborating to provide patients with the best care.

What Makes Dr Kunal Aneja’s Approach to Shoulder Arthroscopy Different from Other Surgeons?

One of Delhi’s top orthopaedic surgeons and an expert in shoulder arthroscopy is Dr Kunal Aneja. In the following ways, he approaches shoulder arthroscopy differently from other surgeons:

  1. Personalized treatment: Dr Kunal Aneja is a proponent of giving patients individualized treatment plans catering to their particular requirements and situations. Before suggesting a course of therapy, he takes the time to fully comprehend the patient’s medical background, way of life, and goals.
  2. Minimally Invasive Techniques: Dr Kunal Aneja is an expert at performing shoulder arthroscopy using minimally invasive methods. Small incisions are used instead of large ones in this method, leading to less scarring, discomfort, and quicker recovery times.
  3. Modern Technology: Dr Kunal Aneja employs cutting-edge technology in his clinic, including robotic surgery assistance and sophisticated imaging procedures. As a result, his surgical procedures are carried out with more precision and accuracy, which benefits his patients.
  4. Focus on Rehabilitation: To help his patients recover more quickly and restore their mobility and strength, Dr Kunal Aneja strongly emphasizes post-operative rehabilitation. He closely collaborates with physical therapists to create a patient-specific rehabilitation strategy.
  5. Patient-Centered Approach: Dr Kunal Aneja is renowned for his patient-centered approach and compassionate care. He gives his patients the assistance and time they require to make well-informed decisions about their care while listening to their worries.
Rotator Cuff Injuries Happen
Rotator Cuff Injuries Happen

What to Expect During a Shoulder Arthroscopy Procedure?

Before the Procedure: To determine if you are a good candidate for shoulder arthroscopy, you must undergo a physical examination and diagnostic tests. It would also help if you fasted for several hours before the procedure. 

You will be unconscious throughout the shoulder arthroscopy operation, done under a general anaesthetic. To examine your joint, your surgeon will make a few tiny incisions in your shoulder and implant the arthroscope. Any shoulder injuries will be repaired by your surgeon using small tools.

Following the Procedure: You must recover for a few hours before being allowed to leave the hospital. You’ll need to support your shoulder while it heals for a few weeks by wearing a sling. Your surgeon will provide detailed instructions on caring for yourself following surgery, including physical therapy and exercises to help you rebuild shoulder strength and mobility.

Though shoulder arthroscopy is safe and efficient, it has some risks, like any surgical procedure. Blood clots, nerve damage, infection, and bleeding are all potential side effects. Before the process, your surgeon will go over these risks with you.


Shoulder arthroscopy may be the best treatment for you if you suffer from shoulder discomfort, stiffness, or weakness. One of Delhi’s top orthopaedic surgeons, Dr Kunal Aneja, has a wealth of expertise doing shoulder arthroscopies. He performs surgeries using cutting-edge methods and modern equipment to ensure his patients receive the most excellent treatment possible.

Dr Kunal Aneja is the best option for you if shoulder arthroscopy is something you’re thinking about in Delhi. Thanks to his patient-centred approach, individualized treatment, and shoulder arthroscopy expertise, you can feel secure knowing that you are in good hands. To arrange a consultation and take the first step toward a pain-free shoulder, contact Dr Aneja’s office immediately.

Patient’s Shoulder Arthroscopy in Delhi | By Dr Kunal Aneja

What is Shoulder arthroscopy?

Using a tiny camera called an arthroscope, a surgeon can view and treat the interior of the shoulder joint during shoulder arthroscopy, a minimally invasive surgical technique. The surgeon can observe the joint and surrounding tissues on a video screen while doing the treatment thanks to the arthroscope, which is placed through a tiny incision in the shoulder.

shoulder arthroscopy, general anaesthesia is used during the procedure, and the surgeon may need to make further small incisions to introduce surgical instruments to remove or repair any damaged tissues. Many disorders, such as rotator cuff tears, labral tears, shoulder impingement syndrome, frozen shoulder, and arthritis, can be diagnosed and treated by shoulder arthroscopy.

Smaller incisions, less discomfort and scarring, shorter hospital stays, and a speedier recovery period are advantages of shoulder arthroscopy over conventional open surgery. The optimal course of action for a given patient will depend on their unique condition as well as their medical background. Unfortunately, not all shoulder disorders can be addressed with arthroscopy.

Overall, shoulder arthroscopy is a secure and successful operation that has given many patients pain-free shoulder movement back. To find out if arthroscopy is the best course of treatment for your shoulder ailment, speak with a certified orthopaedic surgeon.

How Do Rotator Cuff Injuries Happen?

Rotator Cuff Injuries Happen
Rotator Cuff Injuries Happen

An injured rotator cuff is typically characterized by a partial or complete tear of one or more of the four muscles that form tendons surrounding the shoulder. Rotator cuff injuries are most often caused by repetitive motions. Professional athletes, particularly baseball pitchers, are most likely to suffer this injury.
Moreover, people over 40 are at greater risk for rotator cuff tears, particularly from overuse, although an acute injury can also involve the rotator cuff. A rotator cuff tear can occur as a result of overuse or an acute injury.

What Are the Symptoms of a Rotator Cuff Tear or Injury?

Symptoms of a Rotator Cuff Tear or Injury
Symptoms of a Rotator Cuff Tear or Injury

Rotator cuff tear symptoms include the following.

Weakness and restricted range of motion: Injuries to the rotator cuff can cause weakness in the affected arm. You may have difficulty moving your arms above your head if you have a torn rotator cuff. These muscles and tendons play a key role in allowing you to do this. When you have this type of injury, you may have difficulty lifting and rotating your arm.

What is the procedure for shoulder arthroscopy?

Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgery in Delhi
Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgery in Delhi – Dr. Kunal Aneja

The arthroscope is an instrument used in shoulder arthroscopy. Arthroscopes are small optical instruments that include a light source, a small lens, and a video camera. An arthroscope displays a picture of the shoulder joint on a television screen while the surgeon performs surgery. It takes about an hour for the entire process to be completed.

What is the benefit of Shoulder arthroscopy?

When opposed to conventional open surgery, shoulder arthroscopy has a number of advantages, such as:

  1. Fewer, smaller incisions are needed for shoulder arthroscopy, a minimally invasive technique. Compared to open surgery, this causes less discomfort, less tissue damage, and less scarring.
  2. Quick recovery: Patients often recover more quickly after shoulder arthroscopy than from open surgery because it is less intrusive. In comparison to several months for open surgery, the majority of patients can resume their regular activities in a matter of weeks.
  3. Reduced pain and discomfort: When compared to open surgery, shoulder arthroscopy patients feel less pain and discomfort because of the smaller incisions and less tissue damage.
  4. Complications including infection, blood loss, and nerve injury are less likely to occur after shoulder arthroscopy than with open surgery.
  5. Proper diagnosis and therapy are made possible through arthroscopy, which gives the surgeon a clear view of the shoulder joint’s inside. Also, it enables the physician to carry out exact surgical procedures to replace or remove damaged tissues, improving the results.
Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgery in Delhi
Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgery in Delhi

In conclusion, shoulder arthroscopy has a lower risk of complications, less pain, less scarring, and a quicker recovery period. To find out if arthroscopy is the best course of action for your shoulder ailment, you should however speak with a skilled orthopaedic physician like Dr Kunal Aneja.

Which is the best shoulder surgeon in Delhi?

A famous orthopaedic surgeon with expertise in arthroscopic shoulder surgery is Dr Kunal Aneja. Dr Aneja has made a name for himself in the medical profession as one of the top orthopaedic doctors for shoulder problems thanks to his years of experience in the field.

A minimally invasive surgical method that calls for high levels of skill and knowledge is arthroscopic shoulder surgery. Over his career, Dr Aneja has successfully completed countless arthroscopic shoulder procedures. He is a very talented surgeon. To give his patients the finest results, he employs the most recent tools and methods.

The commitment Dr Aneja has to his patients is unmatched. He spends time getting to know each of his patient’s particular requirements and concerns. In order to create individualised treatment regimens that are catered to each patient’s particular needs, he works closely with his patients.

Dr Aneja has a clinical practice in addition to being a researcher and educator. He has presented his research at national and international conferences and authored a number of articles in peer-reviewed medical journals. Also, he actively contributes to the education and training of upcoming orthopaedic surgeons.

dr. Kunal aneja
dr. Kunal aneja

Patients of Dr Aneja commend him for his kindness, knowledge, and commitment to offering the best possible care. They value his easy-to-understand explanations of difficult medical concepts and his dedication to assisting them in achieving the greatest results.

Dr Kunal Aneja is unquestionably among the best in the business if you’re looking for an orthopaedic surgeon for Shoulder Arthroscopy in Delhi. He has assisted a large number of patients in achieving positive outcomes and enhanced quality of life thanks to his vast experience, commitment to his patients, and dedication to excellence.

What is the recovery time for arthroscopic shoulder surgery?

The length of time needed for recovery following arthroscopic shoulder surgery can change depending on the particular procedure done as well as the patient’s general health and condition. The majority of people should typically plan on taking several weeks to many months to fully recover.

The recovery period could be as brief as a few weeks for uncomplicated arthroscopic treatments like debridement or shaving of a bone spur. Recovery may take longer, often three to six months, for more complicated treatments such as rotator cuff repairs or labrum repairs.

shoulder arthroscopy
shoulder arthroscopy

Following the surgeon’s post-operative recommendations, which may include physical therapy, exercises, and rest, is crucial during the healing process. After arthroscopic shoulder surgery, pain and swelling are typical. The surgeon may advise taking painkillers and applying cold packs to reduce discomfort.

In general, it’s crucial to respect the body’s signals and take your time recovering. Everyone recovers at a different pace, so it’s important to give the shoulder adequate time to fully recover in order to prevent any damage or issues.