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” We are always open to extending opportunities to professionals and other supportive staff to ensure excellence in clinical practice on a day to day basis. “

If you feel that you would be suitable for the role, fulfilling the requirements and would like to join us, kindly share your resume on and or whatsapp on 9811211418  (Dr. Kunal Aneja)

In view of our constant endeavour to provide a satisfactory patient care experience, currently we have the following openings in our team:

  • In – Centre Physiotherapist with certifications and demonstrated experience in managing successfully various musculoskeletal ailments.
  • Physiotherapist team for extending our patient care to the comfort of the patient’s homes by doing home visit therapies.
  • Front Desk staff for managing patients appointments and centre requirements on a daily basis.
  • X-Ray Radiographer/ Technician

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