What Should You Know About Shoulder Arthroscopy?

This procedure involves making small incisions that allow the insertion of specialized instruments within the shoulder joint and surrounding the rotator cuff to diagnose and treat tissue problems. It is a 4mm pencil-sized tool with magnifying lenses and a light source used to do this through small incisions. A small camera attached to the device projects an enlarged image of the shoulder joint onto a TV monitor, allowing your surgeon to see all the internal structures.

When is arthroscopic shoulder surgery used?

Several common shoulder problems can be treated with arthroscopic shoulder surgery, according to Dr. Raju Easwaran, Senior Consultant at Max Super Speciality Hospital, Shalimar Bagh: bursitis, tendonitis, arthritis, impingement, rotator cuff tears, lateral tears, and shoulder instability/ multiple dislocations. It is common for patients who need shoulder arthroscopy to fail to respond well to other treatments, such as rest, physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, and steroid injections.

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If you suffer any injury, your doctor can advise you on the best course of action.

What is the procedure for shoulder arthroscopy?

Inpatient surgery settings are usually where arthroscopy is performed. The type of anesthesia used is determined by a discussion between the patient, surgeon, and anesthesiologist. It takes only two or three small incisions of 4mm-6mm to insert the scope and any necessary instruments. The joint is filled with sterile fluid to enhance visibility. Most procedures are completed in less than an hour. The type of surgery you underwent will determine whether you can move your arm after surgery. You may be placed in a sling or a special shoulder immobilizer.

Rest, icing, and anti-inflammatory medications can reduce pain and swelling. It is best to keep the surgical area dry when showering for the first three to five days. Modern dressings are waterproof and allow direct showering over them. One week after surgery, patients generally begin light exercise.

Depending on the type of surgery, returning to complete activities can take a few weeks to several months.

Arthroscopy of the shoulder has many benefits.

In comparison with older open surgical techniques, arthroscopic surgery offers the following advantages:

Arthroscopic surgery has been one of the major contributions of orthopaedic medicine over the last century. Using this revolutionary technology, surgeons can diagnose and treat soft tissue damage to joints without the need for an invasive, open procedure. They make relatively small incisions, just big enough for a tiny camera.

Naveda Healthcare Centre has a team of orthopaedic surgeons who are experts in arthroscopy. Our surgeons have refined and mastered this procedure to provide their patients with the most effective, least invasive procedure possible. In addition, arthroscopic surgery is ideal for shoulder surgery if you have chronic shoulder pain.

Reasons your shoulder is in pain.

The pain in your shoulder may be easily explained if you were in a car accident or tackled in a football game. A lot of people feel unexplained pain. It is not surprising when you think about how you use your shoulder – reaching, lifting, twisting, and throwing. If you make a mistake with your shoulder joint, it can cause havoc.

Your shoulder is pretty resilient, but if you overdo it, you could end up with the following:

Several conditions do not require surgery, but arthroscopic surgery can benefit you.

What arthroscopy can do for your shoulder

MRI scans, X-rays, and CT scans are the first things we do when we address shoulder pain. We use these tools to get an inside look at the problem, but nothing beats an inside look.

As a result of arthroscopic technology, we can see precisely where the tissue damage is, how extensive it is, and what needs to be done next using a small, powerful camera inserted into your shoulder joint. 

We can often treat something we discover during this investigative step simultaneously. The camera stays in place to guide us, and we make another small incision to use a tool to perform surgery. We can repair tears, remove bone spurs, repair cartilage, and repair ligaments with this amazing minimally invasive surgery. 

The entire procedure was done in a single surgical session, requiring only two precise, effective procedures.

More reasons to choose arthroscopy

A smaller incision size isn’t the only advantage of arthroscopy shoulder surgery over open shoulder surgery. Arthroscopic shoulder surgery also offers the following advantages:

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