FAQ: Knee Replacement Surgeon in Delhi

1. Which is the best Knee Replacement Surgeon in Delhi?

Ans. Dr Kunal Aneja is One of the best Knee Replacement Surgeon in Delhi. Dr Aneja has successfully completed multiple knee replacement operations. He has cared for patients of different ages and professions, from young sportsmen to elderly people. He is regarded as one of Delhi’s top knee replacement surgeons due to his proficiency in the procedure.

2. Are knee replacement surgeries successful in Delhi?

Ans. Almost 95% of knee replacement surgery results in success when performed by experienced surgeons and the protocol is followed properly. Knee replacement provides instant pain relief, while the implants last almost 10-20 years.

3. Why should you consider knee replacement? 

Ans. Freedom from pain, improved mobility and quality of life! Knee replacement is a surgery that can help you regain your mobility and function if you suffer from knee joint pain, stiffness, instability or loss of function.

4. Are there any alternatives to knee replacement?

Ans. Medications, knee braces, weight loss, and exercise can be used as non-operative treatments before undergoing surgery

5. How long will the recovery take after surgery?

Ans. In most cases, people can get moving right after the surgery, which is good for lung function and circulation. You will be discharged as soon as the wound is healing and you can safely walk home with your walker. Your physiotherapist will explain to you the exercises and help you walk. The majority of people are discharged between three and five days after surgery. Following your discharge, you will receive support therapy and follow-up appointments, including the removal of stitches. As long as a year after surgery, your knee will continue to improve.

6. What Is The Cost Of Knee Replacement Surgery In Delhi?

And. Cost of Knee Replacement Surgery in Delhi

Starting Cost
Average CostRs.250,000
Maximum CostRs.350,000
Cost of Knee Replacement

7. What are the Common knee replacement symptoms and side effects?

Ans. Your doctor might advise knee replacement surgery if you struggle with severe knee pain, difficulty performing daily activities, a bowing in or out of the leg, a lack of pain relief from prescription medications, moderate to severe knee pain even when at rest, and persistent swelling and inflammation that does not go away with rest.

Consistent knee pain and decreased mobility can have an adverse effect on general health, making it harder to walk and exercise, resulting in weight gain, and placing further strain on the affected knee.

8. What are the benefits of Knee Replacement surgery?

Ans. When a knee joint becomes worn out, it can cause severe pain and limit a person’s mobility, which can result in knee replacement surgery. In addition to causing pain while at rest, a worn-out knee joint can also reduce mobility, which can lead to other health problems as well.

In such cases, doctors suggest knee replacement surgery to ease the pain and improve the quality of life. The surgeon can replace just a part of the knee that is worn out during the surgery. In contrast, when the joint needs to be replaced in its entirety, the ends of the shinbone and thighbone are restructured and artificial components are used to resurface the entire joint.

Common knee replacement symptoms and side effects Your doctor might advise knee replacement surgery if you struggle with severe knee pain, Knee replacement usually provides pain relief, improved mobility, and a better quality of life to most people. Most knee replacements last between 15 and 20 years on average. Walking, swimming, golfing or biking are all low-impact activities you can do after recovering.

9. Which surgeon in Delhi performs the best knee replacements?

Ans. To get the greatest results, knee replacement surgery is a sophisticated and delicate procedure that calls for dexterity and knowledge. One of the most qualified and experienced knee replacement surgeons in Delhi is Dr Kunal Aneja, a well-known orthopaedic surgeon in Delhi. One of the top knee replacement surgeons in Delhi, he is known for his dedication to providing individualised treatment and producing outstanding results.

The Method of Knee Replacement Surgery Used by Dr Aneja

Dr Aneja provides a variety of knee treatment options and adheres to the holistic philosophy of patient care. He offers thorough consultations to patients and advises the best course of action based on their unique requirements and medical background. In order for his patients to choose the best course of treatment for them, he believes that they must be informed about their disease and all of the available options.

Dr Aneja performs knee replacement surgery using the most up-to-date methods and equipment to provide his patients with the greatest results. He performs knee replacement surgery using a minimally invasive technique to lower the risk of problems and hasten recovery. To provide his patients with the finest fit and alignment possible, he uses computer navigation and specially manufactured implants.

Patients of Dr Aneja praise him for his kind and considerate approach to patient care. They value his openness to hearing their worries and concerns, his willingness to respond to their inquiries, and his commitment to assisting them in achieving the greatest results.


Dr Kunal Aneja is a highly qualified and experienced knee replacement surgeon in Delhi who has committed his professional life to give his patients individualised care and remarkable outcomes. He has established a reputation as one of the top knee replacement surgeons in the area thanks to his dedication to using cutting-edge methods and equipment and his holistic approach to patient care. Dr Aneja is a great option if you’re thinking about having knee replacement surgery since he will help you get the greatest results.