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Active men and women commonly complain about knee pain, but fortunately, many options available today can relieve that pain, restore function, and even prevent additional joint damage. With significant expertise in state-of-the-art treatments and innovative techniques aimed at helping patients return to their active lives as quickly as possible, Dr. Kunal Aneja provides comprehensive knee pain diagnosis and treatment for patients suffering from torn meniscuses. Dr. Kunal Aneja is Best Meniscus Surgeon In Delhi.

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What is Meniscus Surgery?

An operation to remove or repair a torn meniscus in the knee, a piece of cartilage, is known as meniscus surgery. The procedure requires a few small incisions and takes about an hour. Recovery and rehabilitation can take a few weeks. An operation to remove or repair a torn meniscus, a piece of cartilage in the knee, can reduce pain, improve mobility and stability, and get you back to normal activities.

What is a meniscus?

There are two menisci in each knee. They’re rubbery, C-shaped cushions that protect the knee joint and reduce friction. If you have a torn or injured meniscus, your healthcare provider may recommend surgery to repair or remove it.

When is it necessary to have a meniscus tear repaired?

Injuries and surgery to the meniscus are common, especially among people who play sports. A sudden twist, turn, or collision can tear the meniscus.

Over time, the menisci get weaker and tear more often in older people. Tears in the meniscus can be a normal part of aging.

A torn meniscus can cause instability in the knee (buckling and giving way), pain, and swelling, or cause the knee to “lock up” or become “stuck.”

Is surgery necessary for every meniscus injury?

For a torn meniscus, some people require surgery, but others do not. The decision depends on the following factors:

In the beginning, your healthcare professional may suggest nonsurgical treatments, such as:

An overview of meniscus tears

There are different ways in which the menisci can be torn, and the type of tear determines the best treatment:

Those suffering from a torn meniscus may experience sharp pain in their knee joint, swelling, stiffness, and a “catching” sensation when the joint is moved. They may also experience a “popping” sensation at the time of the tear.

Orthopaedic Treatment
Orthopaedic Treatment

What are the Different Approaches to Meniscus Repair?

Your doctor may recommend the following treatments:

How do they benefit you?

 The following are some of the benefits of meniscus repair surgery:

How Complicated Is This Process?

Complications from meniscus repair surgery are rare but can include the following:


Having a torn meniscus repaired can restore the stability of your knee joint. Rehabilitation and physical therapy will accelerate the healing process and ease your pain.

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