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Dr. Kunal Aneja is one of the top Orthopedic Surgeons in India and Meniscus Surgeon In Rohini. Meniscus surgery could be a common operation to get rid of or repair a torn meniscus, a chunk of animal tissue within the knee. The surgery needs a number of tiny incisions associate degreed takes concerning an hour. Recovery and rehabilitation take a number of weeks. The procedure will scale back pain, improve quality and stability, and acquire you back to life’s activities.

What is meniscus surgery?

Meniscus surgery is associate degree operation to get rid of or repair a torn meniscus, a chunk of animal tissue within the knee.

What is a meniscus?

Each knee has 2 menisci. they’re rubbery, C-shaped cushions that function shock absorbers within the ginglymus. If your meniscus is slashed or torn (often known as torn cartilage), your health care supplier could advocate surgery to get rid of the broken half or repair it.

Who has to have meniscus tear surgery?

Meniscus injury and surgery ar common, particularly among folks that play sports. A sudden twist, flip or collision will tear ameniscus.

Older folks additionally injure their menisci ofttimes. The menisci get weak over time and ar additional possible to tear. In fact, meniscus tears are often a standard prevalence as a neighborhood of the aging method.

Many people with a torn meniscus select surgery as a result of the slashed animal tissue will create the knee unstable (buckle and provides way), cause pain and swelling or cause the knee to “lock-up” or become “stuck.”

Does each meniscus injury want surgery?

Some folks want surgery for a torn meniscus, however some don’t. the choice depends on:

What happens before torn meniscus surgery?

If you and your medico plan to move forward with surgery for a tornmeniscus, you’ll have some tests ahead. as an example, blood tests, cardiogram (EKG) and chest X-ray will facilitate confirm whether or not you’re healthy enough for surgery. (If you’re comparatively healthy, these tests ar typically not required.)

Someone from the physiological condition team can decide what kind of anesthesia (pain control) you must receive:

If you receive native or anaesthesia, you’ll even be insensible to assist you relax. most frequently you may have a anesthetic agent for this sort of procedure.

A few days before surgery, your health care supplier will:

What happens throughout arthroscopic meniscus surgery?

The most common procedure for a torn meniscus is knee surgical procedure. it always takes but associate degree hour.

First, you receive physiological condition. The surgical team cleans the skin on your knee and covers the remainder of your leg with a surgical drape. The team may place a clamp on your higher thigh to assist with positioning throughout surgery.

The medico makes a number of tiny stab incisions (cuts) in your knee known as portals. The team then fills the ginglymus with a sterile fluid. The fluid helps management minor haemorrhage within the joint and washes away detritus, that helps the medico see within the joint.

The medico inserts atiny low tool known as associate degree endoscope into the incision. associate degree endoscope could be a skinny tube with atiny low lightweight and video camera at the top. The camera comes video pictures from within your knee onto a monitor.

The medico uses the endoscope to seem at the tear and judge what surgical technique to perform:

Meniscus repair: The medico sews torn items of animal tissue back along in order that they will heal on their own. However, owing to tear kind and blood offer, but 10%of tears are literally fixable.

Partial meniscectomy: The medico trims and removes the broken animal tissue and leaves healthy meniscus tissue in situ.

Your medico inserts alternative surgical tools reckoning on the technique used. once the ablation or meniscus repair is complete, the medico closes the portals with stitches or surgical strips. Then the team can cowl your knee with a bandage.

What happens once meniscus repair or meniscectomy?

Most UN agencies who have meniscus repair or ablation don’t have to be compelled to keep long at the hospital. You’ll wait in a very hospital room for the physiological condition to wear off. Once you are able to leave, someone else may have to be compelled to drive you home.

What are the benefits of knee meniscus surgery?

What ar the risks or complications of arthroscopic meniscus surgery?

Arthroscopic knee surgery is incredibly safe, with solely rare complications:

What is meniscus surgery recovery like?

The recovery time for meniscus surgery depends on the sort of surgery you had. It takes longer for a meniscus repair to heal than a ablation. Full recovery from meniscus surgery will take anyplace from six weeks to 3 months. Your care once surgery could involve:

Will I actually have pain once meniscus surgery?

You will have some pain instantly once surgery and for many weeks, that is traditional. Your health care supplier can visit medications to assist you manage the pain. The medications can assist you complete the exercises required to recover.

How long after meniscus surgery can I be ready to walk, exercise and work?

Most people will walk with crutches presently once meniscus surgery. several come to traditional activities inside six to eight weeks.

Your health care supplier could advocate low-impact activities instead of high-impact (such as walking instead of running). If you have got a physical job, you’ll want time beyond regulation off work to recover.

When should I see my health care provider?

Your health care supplier can tell you once to schedule an arrangement for follow-up. however you must decision if you develop:

Meniscus surgery will fix associate degree slashed or torn meniscus, a chunk of animal tissue within the ginglymus. visit your health care skilled if you have got knee pain that interferes along with your life, work or activities. associate degree arthroscopic procedure will scale back pain, improve quality and stability, and assist you come to activities.

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