We Serve, Heal, Lead, Educate and Innovate to enhance the lives of the people, by providing access to high value, patient- centric care in collaboration with those who share our values.


  1. To be a catalyst for creating healthy, thriving communities, trusted and engaged above all others.
  2. To be a national leader in Orthopaedics and patient experience.
  3. To be a global medical and academic leader who will change and save lives. We will shape the future of healthcare through our integrated health system, fueled by the passion and strength of our diversified team.


  1. We heal people, promote health and strengthen communities.
  2. We take exceptional care of people.
  3. By providing world-class healthcare
  4. By delivering care in a compassionate, respectful and responsive way
  5. By advancing medical knowledge and continuously improving our practices
  6. By educating current and future generations of healthcare professionals
  7. Our core mission is to “preserve and improve human life.” This mission will be achieved through the provision of superior clinical care, academic excellence and innovative research.
  8. We aim to provide quality healthcare services for our community. The delivery of healthcare services is provided in a wide range of inpatient and ambulatory healthcare settings, communitywide, employing modern technology and expertise. We are committed to providing greater access to comprehensive care. In support of our primary mission of patient care, we engage in a wide range of academic activities in medical education and research.
  9. For years, we have been entrusted with the care of our community because we understand that your health and that of those you love is what matters most. We believe that every moment of your health care experience matters. From the moment you step through our doors we want to exceed your expectations. We are committed to providing an exceptional experience that makes you feel comfortable, appreciated and safe.
  10. Our mission is to improve the health of our region, state and nation by:
    • Generating and translating knowledge to prevent, diagnose and treat Orthopaedic diseases.
    • Serving as a premier health care provider in our region, providing professional services at specific centers of excellence recognized as national and international care destinations.
  11. We are committed to innovation and excellence in patient care, teaching, research and service to our communities.

Core Values:

Every day we are presented with opportunities to live out our core values as we serve and heal our patients and our communities.

  1. Compassion – We demonstrate caring in all we do, and cherish the honor of improving lives.
  2. Accountability – We commit to our work, recognize our power to make a difference, and embrace the responsibility to advocate for each person we serve.
  3. Collaboration – As a team we improve our patients’ lives; through partnerships we improve the health of our communities.
  4. Foresight – We plan and act today to impact the future, and sustain and grow vital resources for those who need us.
  5. Joy – We work with happiness and enthusiasm; we celebrate successes and build a positive environment.
  6. In service to the patient, we value:
    • Integrity
    • Compassion
    • Accountability
    • Respect
    • Excellence
  7. Patience are always our core first priority:
    • We will place every patients safety as our top priority
    • We will treat all patients with dignity and respect
    • We will include patients in decisions about their care
    • We will be attentive to our patients’ needs and work with others to ensure they are met
    • We will listen, communicate clearly and answer questions to ensure understanding.
  8. Always act with integrity:
    • We will have the courage to do the right thing
    • We will hold ourselves and others accountable
    • We will honor our commitments to others
    • We will protect confidential information and the privacy of our patients
  9. Excellence: Demonstrate the highest standards of patient-centered care, education, research and operational effectiveness
  10. Service: Cultivate selfless contribution for the greater good
  11. Diversity: Demonstrate respect for and inclusion of all backgrounds, identities, experiences, and perspectives
  12. Collegiality: Foster mutual respect, facilitate professional growth and mentorship, and reward teamwork and collaboration
  13. Innovation: Promote creativity to enhance discovery and the application of knowledge
  14. Patient-Centered: Putting patients and families first
  15. Respect : Valuing all people